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Is She Out of My League?

24. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

We understand: flipping through the pages and pages of gorgeous ladies on Hot Russian Brides can be a little intimidating. A lot of these ladies look like they could be models! It can be enough to make the average gentleman wonder if he has a shot at all. But, fear not: there are many factors that have nothing to do with looks that attract Russian and Ukrainian ladies.


You Don’t Need to Be an Adonis

It would be going too far to say that your appearance doesn’t matter at all. But, gentlemen can have dating success on Hot Russian Brides even if they do not look like they stepped out of the pages of GQ. While model-perfect looks are not important, making the best of what you have is. Ukrainian ladies like men who are neat and well-groomed. Make sure that you have at least one profile picture of yourself in a nice suit to attract Russian and Ukrainian ladies.


Manners Count

Russian and Ukrainian ladies say that good manners are one of their top turn-ons. In Ukraine, traditional chivalry is much appreciated. So, make sure that you are polite, respectful and interested when you email or chat. During visits, open doors for her, offer your coat if it is cold, and let her take your arm when you walk down the street. These little touches make a lady feel valued and cared for, which makes you a more attractive prospective mate.


The Number One Turn-On for Ukrainian Ladies? A Sense of Humor.

When we surveyed the ladies who appear on our site, they told us that what they like most is a man who can make them laugh. Don’t hesitate to share favorite funny stories (keep them clean until you know a lady well!), simply jokes and pictures that make you laugh. Ask her about her favorite comedy shows, and talk about the ones that you like. Goof around and be able to laugh at yourself. If you are able to make her laugh, you have a good chance of forming a connection with one another.


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