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Is There a Way to Search Hot Russian Brides by Keyword?

3. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some members wonder if there is a search function on HotRussianBrides.com that allows men to search by keyword. Unfortunately, there is not. However, there are ways for men to narrow their search by profession and other language abilities. Here’s how.

Search by Other Language Abilities

Though men can already filter their search by English ability, some members would like to meet a lady who speaks a different language. A man in certain areas of Canada, for instance, might like a lady who speaks French. Other members might prefer a woman who knows Spanish, German, or Chinese.

The easiest way to filter women by language skills is to alter the link below. To search by language, simply replace “spanish” with the language of your choice. You might be surprised at the variety of languages ladies know (Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, and others). Take care not to change any other part of the link, however, or it won’t work.


Keep in mind that women who list a foreign language skill aren’t necessarily fluent in that language. However, if a lady lists a language other than English on her profile she probably has a good grasp of the basics.

Search by Profession

Searching for women by profession works much the same way. To filter women by profession just replace the word “doctor” with the profession of your choice. Again, you might be surprised by the variety of professions represented on HRB. We’ve got nurses, lawyers, engineers, cops, writers, dancers, models, and more.


Good luck with your search, and remember that Hot Russian Brides’ themed pictorials might also help you find women with certain interests, hobbies, and backgrounds.