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Is Your Profile Appealing to Russian Women?

15. March 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Some men think that it really doesn't matter what they write in their profile descriptions. They think Russian brides are so eager to find their soul mates that they'll contact as many members as they can. While this is the case of some ladies, there are single women out there who are more selective in their search. And those are probably the exact ones you're looking for! 


If you take a little more time writing your profile descriptions, which are the "About Me" and "Looking For" sections, you'll be more likely to attract quality matches.


One thing that ladies like to see when you're describing yourself is words that show you're ready for a committed relationship, like loyal, faithful, and honest. It can even be okay to practically spell it out and say something mushy like: I'm ready to enjoy a lifetime of happiness with my perfect match by my side. Russian women have been victims of "keyboard Romeos" who type a lot of talk about wanting to be together but then never actually follow through with even an in person meeting!


Another detail you can include is something that shows you're a sensitive guy. While ladies love macho men, they also want caring guys who will take care of them. Do you frequently help an elderly neighbor, call your mother every day, volunteer in your community, or are you always the first one to help your buddies move? Including details like these will show Russian brides your softer side.


Also, don't be afraid to put your passions in your profile. Whether it's your faith, your children, your company softball league, or anything else, women want men who are passionate about life and not embarrassed to talk about it. 


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