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Is it Love or Lust? 10 Ways to Tell

2. December 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

The many beautiful women on HotRussianBrides.com are bound to inspire srong feelings of passion.


More than a few men, inboxes flooded with emails from stunning ladies, become infatuated with a few. Sometimes, of course, this turns to real love, as our testimonials show.


Because online, long-distance relationships take more time to develop, here are ten ways to tell the difference between a crush and the real thing. 


What is love vs. infatuation?

Here's what the experts say:


Infatuation focuses on the physical. Love seeks out emotional and intellectual compatibility, too.

Infatuation dives right in with irrational zeal. Love holds back.

Infatuation has elements of jealousy, panic and even addiction. Love is secure and can handle separation.

Infatuation tries to shoehorn a person into a preconceived ideal. Love accepts the person, flaws and all.

Infatuation is a sparkler that burns hot but eventually fades. Love is more like a pilot light that ignites but keeps a steady flame.

Infatuation demands the other person to return the same feelings. Love demands nothing in return.

Infatuation focuses on self-gratification. Love wants what's best for the other person.

Infatuation is weakened by time. Love is strengthened by it.

Infatuation wants to spend all its time with the other person. Love allows breathing room.

Infatuation focuses on immediacy. Love looks toward the future - together.

Why are hot Russian brides so easy to love?

While every lady is different, Russian culture promotes certain qualities in its women that can make genuine love a real possibility:


  • A belief in fate
  • Ability to endure hard times (including long-distance romance)
  • Patience and level-headedness
  • An ability to put things in an intellectual perspective
  • A realistic view of a partner, faults and all
  • Less preoccupation with movie-star looks and bulging bank accounts


 In our view, Russian women may ignite passion, but they make wonderful wives for men seeking true love! Search your heart, then search HotRussianBrides.com for the love of your life.