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Is it Rude to Date More Than One Woman at the Same Time?

31. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some men want to know if it’s rude to date more than one woman at the same time. The answer is no. Unless you’ve promised to stop taking to other ladies, there’s no reason to limit your emails and chats or travel to meet just one person.

At times, men grow attached to a particular lady on the site and feel disloyal if they email other women as well. While you’re certainly free to focus on one woman, you aren’t breaking any rules by keeping your options open. The ladies of HRB know there are several singles on the site and that a man may chat with numerous women in hopes of finding the best match. Of course, this goes the other way as well. You shouldn’t assume a lady has stopped talking to other men unless she’s specifically said so.

While some men have no problem emailing more than one woman, they may feel guilty scheduling dates with multiple ladies when traveling to Ukraine. Many gentlemen are surprised to learn that we actually recommend this technique. Why? Some couples don’t mesh as well in person as they do online and it’s best to keep your options open rather than pin all of your hopes on one person. It’s difficult to know how you truly feel about someone until you’ve met them in person, so it’s generally best to keep your options open before settling into an exclusive relationship.

Generally speaking, it’s fine to date more than one woman unless you’ve promised to be exclusive. Getting to know several potential matches is part of the Russian dating experience, for men as well as women, so don’t feel obligated to limit your communication to one lady at a time.

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