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Israel to Introduce Visa-Free Travel for Ukrainians by September

24. March 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Gentlemen from Israel looking to meet Russian women and Ukrainian ladies may want to take note, Israeli Tourism Minister and Moscow native Stas Misezhnikov has announced that he is working closely with Ukraine’s tourism board to introduce a Visa-Free regime that they currently extend to countries such as Russia, New Zealand and others.

Minister Misezhnikov cited the 70,000 Ukrainian citizens who visited Israel and the 40,000 Israeli citizens who traveled to Ukraine as a major contributing force to the push, expecting these numbers to triple once the complicated matter of Visas had been removed from the equation.

Should everything go smoothly, gentlemen from Israel who wish to meet Single Russian ladies or Ukrainian brides will have the ability to travel to their lady’s country without a Visa. There is currently a large Ukrainian community in Israel, as around 500,000 Ukrainian citizens and former citizens make their home in the country.

Ukraine also currently offers Visa-free travel for Gentlemen from many different countries who wish to meet their potential Kiev brides. These include the United States, current European Union countries, Iceland, Norway, Canada and Japan.