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Italian Millionaire Moves to Russian Village to Wed Russian Woman

19. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

In a true testament to the allure of Russian women, Pravda recently featured a story about an Italian millionaire who gave up everything to be with his Russian bride. The story is one of persistence and determination as well as one of the lengths one will go to in order to be with a woman he loves.


The man, identified as Fabrizio in the story, met the woman named Oksana in Moscow, where she was studying Italian in 2005 with plans to work in Italy. A chance encounter led them to discover that they both spoke the language. Initially, Oksana rebuffed his advances, but the smitten Fabrizio kept after her. She eventually gave in and the two began a relationship.


When Oksana took a job in Italy, Fabrizio quit his job with the Italian consulate and followed her there. For four years, he tried unsuccessfully to woo his Russian lady by showing off his wealth and a life of luxury. But still, Oksana was not impressed. It was then that Fabrizio discovered that material things were not the key to his Russian woman’s heart. Rather, he had to do what he could to preserve her own happiness.


So, Fabrizio left behind his life of luxury and moved with Oksana to her native town in Russia. The two married shortly thereafter.


Read the full story at Pravda.


While Fabrizio’s story differs from the norm – being that usually Russian women will move elsewhere to be with their men – it illustrates the results of passion and commitment as well as the irresistibility of Russian women – all the more reason to join HotRussianBrides.com and connect with the Russian lady who awaits you.