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I've seen one of your ladies listed as a scammer on another Website. Why is she still on yours?

8. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Russian Dating Scams

The problem we face with websites that list scammers, also known as "blacklists," is that not all of the ladies listed are always the perpetrators of a scam. However, those men who may be less informed regarding online services such as ours often automatically assume that every lady listed on a blacklist is a scammer.


You must keep in mind that just as scammers use pictures of supermodels and pop stars, they also steal pictures of real women whose real profiles are listed with legitimate websites. Just because you see a particular lady's picture on a blacklist, doesn't mean she is the person behind the scam. Did you know that many scams are actually initiated by men posing as women?


In some instances a lady may have filled out a profile at a website and simply forgot about it, that is until she saw her name and picture listed on the Internet as a scammer and realized that someone was using her profile without her knowledge to ask men for money.


In another scenario that happens all too often, a man may simply be trying to lash out at a lady who felt they were not compatible. In retaliation, the man then plasters her profile and a fake scam story on every blacklist he can find.


You see, many of these cases are not as cut and dry as they initially appear. Granted, many men are victims of scams in this industry, but they are not alone, as innocent women become pulled into the fray as well. If you see one of our ladies listed on a blacklist, please contact us and we will gladly investigate the matter.