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January 25 is Tatyana Day and Student's Day! (19 Pics!)

25. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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January 25th is special day in Russia. Not only are they celebrating Russian ladies named Tatyana, but they're also honoring students and teachers today.


Since most name days originated for the names of saints, Tatyana’s Day falls on the name day of Saint Tatyana. But how did it also become Student’s Day? This Russian history lesson goes back to January 25, 1755 when Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, granted Count Ivan Shuvalov’s petition to set up a western-style university in Moscow.


In addition to celebrating women named Tatyana, as well as students and teachers, Moscow State University is celebrating its 255th birthday. Thousands of students gather on Red Square where they will enjoy concerts by Russian pop stars. This day also marks the end of the winter term so students are happy to be finished with exams.


Partying continues well into the night with students pouring into nightclubs. Then tomorrow, the celebrations carry on when Moscow’s mayor traditionally brings a barrel of the honey drink “medovukha” to toast the university students for their hard work. They will honor some of the best students and continue with singing and dancing all day.


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