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January 31 is Ksenia's Name Day (13 Pics!)

29. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Xeniya21

It's been a busy month for Russian women's name days, and the last day of January is the name day for Russian and Ukrainian brides named Ksenia. This name comes from the Greek name Xenia, which means "hospitality".


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Just click on the photos to view the profiles. If you see a lady you'd like to begin chatting with, break the ice by sending her a happy name day message!



Hot Russian bride, Ksenna

Cute Ukrainian girl, SlimKsenia

Beautiful Russian bride, Ksenia7000

Sweet Ukrainian lady, Ksyushasks

Sexy Ukrainian woman, Ksenichka

Hot Russian bride, Ksy_me

Lovely Ukrainian lady, Ksenanna

Sexy Russian lady, Kisussuwa

Beautiful Russian bride, Ksenia25

Hot Russian bride, TenderKsenia

Hot Ukrainian girl, Ksyusha01359

Beautiful Ukrainian woman, Cherryjump