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KFC Comes to Ukraine

28. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Kentucky Fried Chicken comes to KyivAmerican visitors to Ukraine that are hungry for a taste of home have a new option: on December 14th, the first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened its doors in Kyiv. The new restaurant was opened through a franchising agreement with Ukrainian Food Company. Yum! says that they plan to expand into Ukraine’s other cities with populations of 300,000 or more. They plan to open five more in 2013, and have 10 within the next 5 years. They expect that the Kyiv location will serve up 800,000 meals a year.


KFC is far from the first American fast food restaurant to expand into Ukraine. McDonalds has had locations in Ukraine since 1997. In the months before the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship was hosted in Ukraine, other giants jumped on board, as well. Subway and Burger King both opened restaurants in Ukraine in 2011. The country also has a number of local fast food choices, such as Dva Gusya, where those who are in a hurry can get a quick bowl of borscht, some vareniki or a cutlet.


Company officials say that about 40% of the food served there will be produced in Ukraine, with the balance imported from other parts of Europe. The average meal in the restaurant will run Hr 30 – 35, which is the equivalent of $3 - $4 US. Offerings will include the usual buckets of chicken, sandwiches and wraps. The Ukrainian KFC differs from the ones back in the states in one respect: you’ll be able to order a cold beer to drink with your hot fried chicken.