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Kate Upton’s Doppelganger Proves That Mail Order Bride Stereotypes Still Exist

13. March 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Last week, a Russian student named Ania re-enacted Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover and posted the image to Twitter. The picture made its way to Upton, who liked the photo of her Russian doppelganger and shared it with the world. Ania became an overnight sensation and news of “Kate’s mail order bride lookalike” hit the web. However, there’s just one problem: Ania isn’t a mail order bride!


In her Twitter profile, Ania refers to herself as “a mail order bride in training.” However, the 22-year-old Moscow beauty says it’s just a joke. 


“People took that quite seriously, even though it’s a total joke,” Ania said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “I’m getting a lot of marriage proposals.”


Though Ania was joking, her decision to jest about mail order brides, and the fact that many Westerners took it seriously, proves that MOB stereotypes are still a problem. Despite testimonials and articles that say otherwise, many people still believe that the women of Eastern Europe are for sale. They’re not. 


Simply put, mail order brides don’t exist. Men cannot purchase brides like products from Amazon.com, and Russian women don’t marry strangers for a flat fee. Sites like HRB help Western men communicate with Russian women, but the ladies who use our service are no more for sale than the woman on mainstream dating sites.  


Don’t be fooled by mail order bride stereotypes. The men who are successful on HRB, treat women with dignity and respect, not commodities up for grabs. 


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