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Katia Ivanova Finds New Love on Celebrity Big Brother?

8. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

celebrity big brother

On a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother (UK), Katia Ivanova, ex-girlfriend of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, recently spent the night cuddled in bed with Swedish DJ Jonas “Basshunter” Altberg. The two awoke to cheers from other cast members with one teasing Katia about making the infamous “walk of shame.”

In a conversation with another cast mate, Katia claimed that she was bored and only flirting with Basshunter to liven things up. She stated: "I think that he's as bored as I am, that's why we're flirting. I don't want to lead anyone on. I'm just having fun.”

According to reports, Katia and Ronnie Wood split up in December after a nasty fight in the street. Katia allegedly accepted $160,000 to appear on England’s Celebrity Big Brother which premiered on January 3rd. Viewers will just have to wait and see if anything develops between the two cuddlers.


Click to see the video of the Katia and Basshunter's embarassing moment.