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Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Fresh

17. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Long distance relationships can, in some ways, require more care and effort that locally-based ones. It can take a while to get from initial messages to first meeting to finally marrying and being together full-time. While you wait for that day, make an effort to do things that help the two of you feel close:


Keep in Frequent Contact

Couples need to interact often to feel close to one another. At first, this is accomplished through frequent emails and chats on our site. After you two have completed the intimacy request process, you can keep in close touch by telephone or Skype.


Be Affectionate

Let her know the things you like about her. Don’t overwhelm her with compliments, and don’t only say things about how she looks. But, if you notice that she has a great new dress, or you are super impressed with her knowledge of a subject that’s also of interest to you, say so.


Ask Her About Her Day and Tell Her About Yours, Too

Find out what you can about those hours that she is not with you. You will get to know each other better as you learn what one another’s everyday life is like. And, she’ll love that you are interested in her and how her days are.


At the same time, it’s very important to make sure the conversation is never one-sided. Don’t just talk about yourself, and don’t grill her with a thousand questions.


Make a Note of Special Days

Learn both her birthday and her name day. Does she have an important milestone coming up, such as a graduation? Make a note of it and surprise her with a congratulatory message. It is also sweet to send a message noting an “anniversary” like three months since your first chat. Russian ladies appreciate romantic gestures like those.


Maintain Realistic Expectations for the Course of the Relationship

It takes some time to get to know someone and truly fall in love. Gentlemen who sign up for our site and think that they will find an instant relationship are bound for disappointment. But, if you take the time to find someone compatible and nurture a relationship with her, your chances of having a love that lasts are that much better.


The time between falling for one another and that time when you are finally able to be together can be difficult. But, as long as you are dedicated enough to put in the time and effort to sustain your relationship until then, it will all work out.