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Keeping the Conversation Going When Chatting Online

22. July 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

So, one of you sent an intro message and the other responded. This shows mutual interest, but, it's just a start. From here, you will need to get to know one another better and discover whether you are compatible enough to work as a couple. But, how do you keep up a conversation with someone you have never met?


There is no one surefire method to keep a conversation going. But, these tips can help if you are drawing a blank but really want to chat more:


Ask her to tell you about some aspect of her life.

Start with light topics from her profile, like "tell me about your job " or "tell me about your school." These are neutral topics that are unlikely to be off-putting and easy for her to talk about.


Allow her answer to shape your next question.

 Switching from one topic to another with rapid speed is a little disconcerting and makes it hard for people to connect. Instead, try moving smoothly by asking her to elaborate. For instance, if she has told you about her job as a nurse, ask her how she became interested in that field.


Volunteer a related anecdote about yourself.

Keep it short and light. No one likes it when one person is dominating the conversation. The best option is to bounce off of what she has just said. If she's mentioned that she loves to play soccer, tell her about your time playing football in college.


And, always remember that some conversations will fizzle. It will take a bit of time to meet ladies who you click with. Enjoy the process of getting to know smart and gorgeous new ladies, and know that eventually, you will find the right lady for you. Log on now to see who is available to chat.