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Kharkiv Airport Expanded for Euro 2012

1. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

The second largest city in Ukraine still has a long way to go to being fully prepared for Euro 2012, but one major milestone was completed this past weekend. The grand opening of Kharkiv International Airport’s new terminal was celebrated by the President, several UEFA directors, tons of locals, and flocks of hot Ukrainian flight attendants.


“The opening of a new terminal in Kharkiv opens a new route into eastern Ukraine. It is a great example of government and private industry working together,” said President Yanukovych in his speech on Saturday. Tours of the new addition were given all day, while an outdoor concert was celebrated that night. This expansion quadruples the number of passengers the airport can receive each year, to 800,000.


Daily flights to and from Kyiv, as well as Moscow, are currently available, which makes it convenient for gentlemen visiting those larger cities to travel to see their favorite Kharkiv girls. For those that want to take a special lady on a quick vacation, the airport offers weekly departures to cities in Austria, Georgia, Armenia, Montenegro, and Turkey as well.


President Yanukovych also said Ukraine has practically caught up with their Euro 2012 preparation schedule but there is still much more to accomplish. After the football frenzy, Yanukovych wants to continue updating and improving in order to increase their chances of winning the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.



Photos by Yaroslav Debelyi, Kyiv Post