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Kiev Paralyzed by Heavy Snowfall

12. December 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Notice your favorite Kiev girl isn’t online? A blizzard may be to blame. According to local reports, the city is paralyzed by meter-high drifts of snow, prompting officials to declare a state of emergency.

“The head of the Kiev City State Administration Alexander Popov urged all residents to come out into the streets to remove the snow,” Pravda reports. “Drivers are recommended not to use their cars.”

Though Kiev is used to snow, this week has been particularly brutal. The city has received more snow in two days than it normally receives in two winter months. The rapid accumulation of snow has blocked city streets and caused branches to crack and break.

“Seventeen trees have broken in the city as a result of heavy snowfalls. One of the trees fell on a man, he was hospitalized,” Pravda reports.

Kiev officials have sent notices to various youth organizations, asking for help with snow removal.

Many cities in Eastern Europe lack the proper resources to remove snow quickly and efficiently. In 2011, a group in Russia protested the lack of response in St. Petersburg by shoveling snow in heels and miniskirts.

“The administration, municipal services, management companies, and others do nothing,” said group spokeswoman Eva Tornado. “So we decided to come out on our own. Maybe it will serve as an example to some males and they may come to help and make our city cleaner...We'd like more foreign men to come to the city!"


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