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Kiev Officials: Swine Flu Epidemic is Over

30. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

According to recent news reports, Kiev officials have announced that the swine flu epidemic is over in Ukraine’s capital city. 

Kiev’s sanitary and epidemiological station has stated that the “indicators of the epidemic growth are 1.6 times lower than the epidemic threshold.” Officials also reported that the number of swine flu victims dropped dramatically from November 23-29. On November 25th, the Mayor’s Office officially reopened the city’s schools and universities, though students are encouraged to wear protective masks until at least December 10th. The city’s educational institutions have been closed for about three weeks.


It’s uncertain whether other parts of the country will also shed their epidemic status.  Many critics claim that Ukrainian politicians exaggerated the risks for political gain, especially when The World Health Organization (WHO) said there was nothing to indicate the swine flu outbreak in Ukraine was particularly severe. In early November, a group of Ukrainian women protested against this seemingly unecessary scare (pictured above).

All in all, approximately 143,000 Kiev citizens fell ill and 24 people died from the virus. For the sake of our lovely Ukrainian ladies, we hope the flu fades away soon.


Sources: Ukrainian News Agency, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty