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Knowledge Day: A Celebration of Students and Learning

31. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Though most American schools started a few weeks ago, Russian students traditionally return to class on September 1st, a day officially known as Knowledge Day.

Established in 1984, Knowledge Day is a time for students to say farewell to the summer holidays and ceremoniously welcome the start of a new school year. Students from grade school to university typically head back to class on this day, though some schools may start a few days later. 

Russian pupils and their families may celebrate Knowledge Day by attending a school’s public welcoming assemblies and presenting flowers to teachers. Young students also dress in their best clothing – suits and ties for the boys and bows and dresses for the girls – to properly launch their academic careers.

September 1st is especially significant for first graders who are starting school for the first time. In the tradition of the First Bell, a male 12th grader hoists a first grade girl onto his shoulders and parades her around the school yard as she rings the first bell of the year.

September 1st falls on a Saturday this year, so many Russian students will celebrate Knowledge Day on September 3rd. If you know a special lady who is sending a child to school or returning to class, why not send an e-card to offer your congratulations and support?