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Krayina Mriy: World Music Festival in Kyiv

13. July 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

With beautiful Ukrainian women singing and dancing in ethnic costumes, and talented musicians performing from all over the world, the annual Krayina Mriy festival near the Monastery of the Caves is an amazing collection of culture and traditions. It has become so popular that it was extended to a two day celebration instead of only one like in years past.


The Masters’ Alley is one of the most traditional features, consisting of potters, blacksmiths, seamstresses, embroidery masters, and other craftsman, who showcase their art as well as teach those willing to learn. The dancing classes are also well known as men and women line up to practice traditional Ukrainian, Moldovan, Lithuanian, Tatar, and Middle Ages styles of dancing. While the adults play, the Children’s Meadow entertains the little ones with fairytales, performances, and toy-making.


Visitors of the festival loved this year’s new features as well. Literature was a major highlight as demonstrated by a large book fair, with readings and master classes in printing, paper manufacturing, and illustration. Also, Japanese culture was on display at the Ukraine-Japan center, with traditional Bon Odori dancing, master classes in quilling, martial arts demonstrations, and photo opportunities in geisha or samurai outfits.


Four stages hosted musicians and ensembles from all over Ukraine and beyond. This was the seventh year of this international folk festival, which has even begun touring to other Ukrainian cities, and even into Russia. Enjoy the photos!