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Krispy Kreme Considers Russian Expansion

23. January 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Russian girls are proud of their fit figures, yet fast food chains are sprouting up across Russia's regions with tasty temptations. From Burger King to Dunkin' Donuts, U.S. based companies have seen successful expansions in countries of the Former Soviet Union over the last few years.


Now, another American eatery is expecting to take a bite out of the market.


"The situation on the market is favorable for new chains with good management and lean business processes," said Ivan Nikolaev from Aton invest company. "Krispy Kreme is likely to find its place in the market, especially in the regions, as Russians spend more on eating out in fast food chains."


However, the donut shop franchises cost a cool million or two dollars so the larger cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are most likely to smell the fresh baked, fried treats first.


Source: Russia Today