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Kyiv Restaurant Treats Diners to a Look at Ukraine’s Food Future and Past

3. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

molecular gastronomyIf you have the desire to splurge on a meal while visiting Kyiv, Kanapa is a unique and exciting option. The new restaurant, whose name translates as “sofa,” is the first in the city to offer the futuristic avant-garde cuisine known as molecular gastronomy. In molecular gastronomy, culinary arts meet science, with playful results like deconstructed salads and toppings of sour cream applied as foam. In one Kanapa dish, a traditional herring salad is made into a mousse which still tastes exactly like the original dish.


For those with less experimental palates, Kanapa offers a menu of classic Ukrainian dishes. But, instead of focusing on potato dumplings and borsch, the restaurant owners delved into the foods that Ukrainians would have eaten in the times before the Russian revolution. In the 19th century, these dishes would have included truffles, asparagus, hare kidneys, black caviar and other exotic treats, and these have all been incorporated into the menu at Kanapa. The chef advises that, to get the full experience, first timers choose a set of 7 to 14 courses. The restaurant also has an intriguing drink menu that includes refreshers infused with fir cones, juniper and nettles.


The restaurant has six rooms to accommodate diners that include a room with a cozy fireplace, a small lounge, and a large white hall. Diners eat at warm wood tables in plush red and black chairs. The restaurant will feature performances by local Ukrainian bands. If you’d like to impress your Ukrainian sweetie while learning a bit about the foods her ancestors might have eaten, Kanapa is the place.


Photo: Flickr user methTICALman