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Lady of the Day: Ad Manager Fascination from Odessa

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Why have you decided to use HotRussianBrides.com to search for love?
People are really not so different and a good man can be found here! This is why I decided to try an internet acquaintance with this site. Also I want to get know a man and what’s on the inside first. This is easier through chat and email. A man will open his heart to you through email. We should learn about each other’s minds and hearts before we meet in person. This is important to me. I think it’s easier to start relations by internet because chat is similar to real communication, but at the same time, it helps us not to feel shy or constrained during those first conversations. This eases the “first time” we meet nervousness.


Take us through a typical day for you?
I’m a student and currently it’s my major obligation and focus. After classes, I work as an advertisement manager at one of Odessa TV channels! It’s not connected with my college specialization, but I really enjoy this job and they are wonderful about being flexible with my schedule to unite it with my studies. I live in an apartment with my parents and our cool Dalmatian Duncan. But my real goal is to find a wonderful man to build a big friendly family. Hopefully this dream will come true! I’m very sociable person and have many friends. During summer I like to spend time with my friends and at the beach, swimming and playing beach volleyball! When it becomes colder, I like to go walking, going out at café to talk, or somewhere at the nature, at the picnic.


What are you looking for in a man?
I want to find the right guy with whom I will feel comfortable. I am looking for that special someone with whom I will be able to speak with for hours and not lose interest with each other. We should become understanding friends at first. And of course, for family relations, such qualities as reliability and faith are necessary. Confidence and good sense of humor also come in first place with me.



Age: 20  
Height: 5' 8"  
Weight: 123 lbs.   
From Odessa, Ukraine  
Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

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