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Lady of the Day: Gorgeous Svetabright from Odessa

18. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

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Why have you decided to use Hotrussianbrides.com to search for love?
I think that the site is the true tool when searching for a husband. There is a wide choice of beautiful men, who look for the second part of a person, the heart and soul, as I do. In chat we can get to know each other better. I can ask about his life, goals; plans for the future. The discussions will aid us to find out if we have much in common. This is the best variant to make an acquaintance and begin a new life with an ideal man for marriage. As for me, it’s very important for my chosen man to have serious intentions, to be an interesting, reliable, person and whom I can trust. I’m sure that my future husband will be the most beautiful and wonderful person for me.


Share with us about your life and family...
I live in apartment in the city with my friend. My parents live in another city not far from Odessa, where my father is a business man and my mother is a housekeeper. We have a very friendly family that also includes our 2 cats (Billy and Vasya) and 2 dogs (Chucky and Gerda). I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I’ve graduated from the pedagogical university of Ushinskiy. My specialty is philology, which is a study of languages. Currently, I work with a modeling agency. My work consists of fashion and photo work. Most days I go to the model agency, where we discuss my future work. After meeting, I will go to the agency for video chat or to check (read) the mailbox. In the afternoons, I like to run in the park and after cook something interesting. I enjoy making sauces for my fish or meat using a variety of spices. I cook often and really enjoy it. In the evening I will watch an interesting film or will read a book.


Share with us some of your dreams...
I am an optimist. I like to look for the good in people. I dream to find the perfect man for me. He will be sweet and filled with kind words and thoughts. I truly believe that if I focus on these thoughts, it will keep me focused to find him. At the present time I don’t have children, but in future I’d like to have children with my husband. I want to have a family and a home filled with the lovely sound of children’s laughter. My dream life would be to live by the sea, with warm water to swim. I would like for my husband and I to have a small garden and hold hands at sunset and cherish our blessed life.


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