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Lady of the Day: Provocative Prettiest from Odessa

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What do you look for when you are searching for your future husband?
I look at his smile, his eyes and his style of writing. I’m old fashioned in the belief that a man should be flirtatious and complimentary when courting a lady, regardless of whether in person or in an email. Honesty and a sense of humor are important too, and these will shine through his photos and letters to me too.


Why have you decided to use HotRussianBrides.com to search for love?
I think foreign men are more romantic than the men of my country. There is a mystic about a man from another country, his values and lifestyle. Joining our cultures and our love together makes sense to me. But, of course, we are both people searching; it is my quest to find the man that compliments my personality and that I complete what is missing in his life too.  This site is very helpful to provide all the basic information about each other so we can start exploring the important parts, the discovery of each other and love.


Age: 23  
Height: 5' 6"  
Weight: 132 lbs.  
From Odessa, Ukraine  
Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger


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