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Learn About Your Russian Woman's Country and Culture

11. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Nothing is more attractive to a Russian woman than a man who makes a sincere effort to learn about her country and culture. While it may seem obvious, many men know next to nothing about Russia and life in the former Soviet Union. Here are a few simple ways to learn more about the home of your special lady. 


Study Basic Russian

Attempting to learn basic Russian words and phrases is not only endearing, but very useful! It can help you better communicate in emails and chats, not to mention when you travel to Russia to see your lady. Even if things do not work out you will still have knowledge of another language, something that is always highly useful.


Learn Basic Geography and History

If you’re dating a woman from Russia it pays to learn the location of major cities and landmarks and to familiarize yourself with the major events that shaped her country. Pay special attention to the city or district your lady is from. If you’re not sure where to begin, try the “Culture and History” section of this blog or view encyclopedia articles such as those from Wikipedia. You don’t have to become a certified expert, but going above and beyond the average Westerner’s knowledge of Russia will give you better insight into your significant other, not to mention impress her.  


Learn About Her Culture

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about being in an international relationship is learning about another country’s food, traditions, holidays, and more. Ask your lady how she celebrates major holidays, what Russian food she enjoys, and what traditions are most special to her. You can also attend Russian cultural festivals in your area, research Russian recipes online, read articles and books about Russia, etc. Again, our “Culture and History” section is also an excellent resource.


Recognize Stereotypes

Gentlemen should keep an open mind about Russian women and not fall for common stereotypes about a lady’s country and culture. Many women are hurt or annoyed when a man they love recites inaccurate stereotypes like they’re indisputable facts. Common, but false, Russian and Russian women stereotypes include:

•    The women on Russian dating sites are greedy gold-diggers and/or only want a green card.
•    Women in Russia are poor and miserable and want to be saved.
•    All Russian matchmaking websites pay women to chat with men.
•    If a gentleman spends enough money, he can get any woman on an international dating site.
•    All Russians are raging alcoholics who love vodka.
•    Russia is a bitterly cold country and bears frequently walk down city streets.
•    All Russians are Communists.

Sure, there a few women who embody these stereotypes. However, that doesn’t mean they all do. If you want to learn more about your lady’s country and culture you can’t let inaccurate stereotypes distract you.

If you want to truly get to know your Russian sweetheart, you should make an effort to learn more about Russia and Russian culture. Studying simple Russian and learning basic geography, history, and cultural tidbits are excellent ways to do this. Not only will you be better educated, but you will impress your future Russian bride and what could be better than that?