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Learn Russian – Counting and Currency

3. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

One of the first transactions I attempted, (and flubbed) when I visited Russia as a teenager was my attempt to buy some fresh currants.


“Сколько?” I asked. (How much?)


“Литр,” the woman at the stall replied. (One liter.) Not the answer I was looking for. I couldn’t remember the words for money or cost, and it seemed imprudent to start waving money around. Luckily, my host mother took over the transaction. I walked away with my berries, and only a little less of my pride.


Want your first monetary transaction in Ukraine to go more smoothly? Learn a bit of basic vocabulary:



1 - один (a-deen)

2 - два (dva)

3 - три (tree)

4 - четыре (chye-tir-ye)

5 - пять (pyat)

6 - шесть (shest)

7 - семь (syem)

8 - восемь (vo-syem)

9 - девять (dyev-yat)

10 -десять (dyes-yat)


11 through 19 are easy once you memorize 1 through 10. Simply add надцать (nad-sat) to the end of each number:


11 – одиннадцать (a-deen-nad-sat)

12 – двенадцать (dve-nad-sat)

13 – тринадцать (tree-nad-sat)

14 – четырнадцать (chye-tir-nad-sat)

15 – пятнадцать (pyat-nad-sat)

16 – шестнадцать (shest-nad-sat)

17 – семнадцать (sem-nad-sat)

18 – восемнадцать (vo-sem-nad-sat)

19 – девятнадцать (dyes-yat-nad-sat)


Helpful Phrases

Сколько стоит?

(Skol-ko stoit?)

How much does this cost?


Вы принимаете кредитные карточки?

(Vy prinimayete kreditnyye kartochki?)

Do you accept credit cards?


Где здесь банкомат?

(Gde zdesʹ bankomat?)

Where is the ATM?

Tip: The currency of Ukraine is called the Hryvnia. You’ll most likely get the best exchange rate by withdrawing cash from ATMs.


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