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Learn Russian – Russian Sayings and Proverbs

25. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

A country’s sayings and common expressions can teach you a lot. You’ll learn a bit about the culture. You will get hints about history. And, you’ll learn more about rhymes in Russian and increase your vocabulary. A few colorful Russian proverbs that are especially useful to the Russian language student:


Больше слушай, меньше говори.

Translation: Listen more, talk less.


Повторе́нье - мать уче́нья.

Translation: Repetition – practice makes perfect.


Век живи́ -- век учи́сь.

Translation: You live, you learn.


Вода́ ка́мень то́чит.

Translation: Water wears away stones. (Be patient! Even water can make a difference over time.)


Всяк глядит, да не всяк видит.

Translation: Everyone looks, but not everyone sees.

(Note the rhyming in the saying.)


Глаза́ боя́тся, а ру́ки де́лают.

Translation: Eyes are afraid, but the hands do the job.

(Don’t get discouraged and underestimate yourself.)


Да́льше с глаз -- бли́же к се́рдцу.

Translation: Farther from the eye, closer to the heart.

(Equivalent to our saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Those who are dating long-distance usually wish there wasn’t so much absence, though!)


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