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Long Distance Relationships and Russian Women

6. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Feeling a bit blue because you can’t hop on a plane and visit a special lady? Anxious because your sweetheart is so far away? Here are a few things to know about being in a long distance relationship with a woman from HRB.

When it comes to long distance relationships, or any romantic relationship, communication is crucial. Try to schedule a time each day or week when the two of you can chat, be it on the phone or via live video streaming. If you’re feeling down about the distance or worried about your relationship, talk to your lady and listen when she voices her own concerns. A long distance relationship will never work without open, honest communication.

At times, men feel insecure knowing their special lady is thousands of miles away, emotions that can translate to jealous, overbearing behavior. For example, some men grow angry when they can’t reach a lady by phone or chat. Others insist on knowing where a sweetheart is at all times and are annoyed if a lady makes a change of plans. Don’t be that guy. A healthy, happy relationship requires trust and respect. Controlling behavior is anything but.

It’s also important to know where you stand in a relationship. In other words, don’t assume you and a lady are exclusive unless the two of you have talked about it. Exchanging a few emails with a woman or chatting with her a few times doesn’t necessarily mean she’s your girlfriend. In fact, most couples who meet on international dating sites don’t become exclusive until they’ve met in person, and even then nothing’s guaranteed.

It’s tough being away from a special lady, but with open, honest communication and a refusal to give in to jealous behavior there’s no reason your long distance relationship can’t work.