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Looking for a Russian Wife? Follow This Advice

18. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

If you’re new to the adventures of international dating, you may think that special abilities are required to win the hearts of foreign women. Ladies from Russia and Ukraine are particularly popular, and while they may seem mysterious, they actually just want the same gentlemanly gestures you’d use to court ladies in your own country. Men who have been around the Russian bride block share these tips for success.


Before you even think about emailing a hot Russian bride, get into your gentleman groove. Ladies want men who treat them like ladies, so you have to be a strong, confident suitor who can show some sophisticated swagger. Surprise her with presents. Make her melt with meaningful compliments. Guys who always get the girls know how to charm them.


While it’s important to be open and honest when dating Russian women online, you should still keep some details to yourself. Sharing stories about other ladies you’ve been with, or boasting about all the babes you’re currently seeing, will not help grow your relationship. Mostly it will just make them mad and consider you a cocky creep.


Age differences of five, 10, or even 20 years are not uncommon in couples who have matched up on HotRussianBrides.com. However, gentlemen shouldn’t assume that every young lady wants to marry a much older man. You must still search for women with similar goals and interests to have the most success finding a good match. Age may be just a number, but it should certainly be considered when looking for a Russian wife.


Ask any man who has married a beautiful Russian bride and he’ll likely agree with this advice. These ladies aren’t looking for wildly wealthy or hugely handsome husbands. They are won over by genuine gentlemen who show sweet sentiments and mature mindsets. Start your search right now