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11. July 2016 by Admin 0 Comments

Men often worry about looking for single Russian women online because they assume that these women are similar to those they might meet in the United States and other countries. They assume that these women care about little more than working or going to school. While some Russian women do want to further their education or work outside the home, they also put their men first. These women learn from an early age to put the needs of their families first and that they should focus on being a wife and a mother first. Another reason some men hesitate to use the web to find single Russian women is because they know that many people lie online. A report in Woman's Day found that 10% of women lie about their height on dating profiles. The report found that women also lie about their weight, age, income and even hobbies or interests. Many men use the web to find women who share some of the same interests, but some online daters discover later that the women they liked lied as a way to find a man and that they actually have nothing in common. This never happens on sites that pair single Russian women with men because these women take pride in being honest and open with others. Some men also worry that they might fall victim to online dating scams. There are a number of websites today that feature gorgeous women who look more like models than they do real women. These sites charge high fees for men to sign up. Those men later learn that there are very few women actually using the site and that most of the registered users are actually chat bots. That never happens on single Russian women websites. The women using these sites are incredibly gorgeous and enjoy showing off their bodies. While this might make some men worry that the women aren't real, the women using those sites are 100% real. They want to put their best foot forward and to make a good impression, which is why they often hire professional photographers to take their pictures. Russia places a high level of importance on the way people look, and women using these sites know that the better they look, the more men they can meet. They use photographs as a way to grab the attention of others and then use their profiles to tell those men more about themselves. Though some still have a stigma against Russian brides and dating sites in general, those opinions changed quite a bit in recent years. The Pew Research Center found that nearly 60% of people now think dating sites are a good way to meet others and that nearly 50% of all online dating site users are over the age of 34. These sites provide men with the chance to meet single Russian women who care about them and single Russian women who want nothing more them to find their soul mates, get married and raise children with them.

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