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Lucky Russian Ladies Celebrate Multiple Name Days

4. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Russian women’s name days are an excellent opportunity to send some special emails and meet some new ladies. These name days are also known as angel days because they were originally the times of the year that people would honor the saints.


As the number of recognized saints increased, nearly every day of the year held a special significance. The list became so long that some saints were swapped around to different dates to make room for others. This is why several saints’ names are celebrated on multiple dates throughout the year.


Since many Russian girls are lovingly named after such saints, the recognition of angel days transformed into the celebration of name days. While some ladies enjoy one single name day, others get to celebrate several times throughout the year!


Mark your calendar for these lovely ladies’ names who were celebrated in January, but now deserve more attention again in February. Did you already meet some new Anastasias or Ksenias last month? Seek out some new ladies with these names and show them you appreciate Russian culture!


February 4 – Anastasia (Also January 4)


February 6 – Ksenia (Also January 31)


February 8 & 19 – Maria (Also January 19)


Take a look back at the January Name Day Pictorials to see some of the hot Russian brides who share these names, or begin your own search for new ladies with these names that you have yet to meet! Any reason to introduce yourself to wonderful new women is a good reason!