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Lviv Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

3. May 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Gentlemen visiting Ukraine like to experience a little culture during their vacations and there’s certainly no getting around that in Lviv. The city screams Ukrainian pride and traditions are everywhere you look.


It seems like every weekend there is some sort of fun cultural festival. If you’re planning a trip this summer, here are a few to consider experiencing.


Beer Festival and Batyar’s Day (May 8-12)

Divided into several zones, this beer fest allows guests to sample brews from Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Holland, and England. Representatives from each country will be on hand to demonstrate authentic beer traditions.


The festival will also celebrate batyars, a major subculture in Lviv. Wearing stylish, vintage clothing, batyars like to joke and dance and chase beautiful Ukrainian women.


Summer in the Market (Sundays in June, July, August)

From sculptors and extreme sports stars to circus performers and playwrights, all types of people demonstrate Lviv’s varied culture on Sundays throughout the summer.


The Culture and Tourism Department of Lviv City Council promises that everyone who visits the summer festival will find something interesting, useful, and memorable.


Dream Land in Ukraine (July 17-18)

Ukrainian girls will be dressed in traditional costumes for this ethnic festival which centers on big concert performances by the country’s best artists.


International Folklore Festival (August 21-25)

The city’s main celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day is the International Folklore Festival with spectacular parades, authentic cuisine, and much more.


The best folk groups from Mexico, Israel, France, Portugal, Italy, Poland, India and Spain are invited to share their rich traditions and culture through music, dance, games, rituals, and handicrafts.


Coffee Festival (September 28-30)

Lviv has the most, and possibly the best, coffee houses in all of Ukraine so everyone looks forward to the annual Coffee Festival.


In addition to tasting all of the different flavors and voting for their favorites, guests enjoy singing and dancing performances from local groups.


Ask your Lviv girls if they’ve attended any of these famous festivals or are planning to participate in others. You may want to schedule your trip around these dates to experience a vacation you’ll never forget.


Source: beerfest.lviv.ua