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Make Communication Easier with Your Russian Bride

13. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

International relationships are very rewarding, once you understand the unique challenges and learn how to handle them. Sharing your life with a hot Russian bride can be a dream come true, but overcoming the communication hurdle requires patience, open-mindedness, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.


Here are some tips to make communication easier while dating Russian women, and during your eventual multicultural marriage.


Immerse Yourself in Her Culture

Learning about Russian and Ukrainian history, culture, traditions, and holidays will help you understand the ladies better. Research new information every day and ask questions. Spend lots of time with the ladies in their hometowns. Taking cultural interest will give you more to talk about and impress them.


Meet Her Family

Another way to get involved in your lady’s culture is to observe and interact with her family. While you may need assistance from a translator at first, learning about her family’s likes, dislikes, and life experiences will help you feel more closely connected. Find out about differences in your upbringing so you can have clearer communication about raising your own family together.


Speak Your Mind

When international couples don’t speak the same language, they may not express their true feelings as often. While same nationality couples may be able to gauge emotions without words, cultural differences may make it harder to do so. Always be honest and share how you’re feeling.


Be a Good Listener

The other side of speaking your mind is knowing when to listen. Good listeners are better able to pick up on emotions, predict people’s needs and respond appropriately. When communicating online, show your actively listening by asking questions. When chatting face to face, maintain eye contact, read facial expressions, and nod affirmatively.


Russian bride relationships don’t have to be hard. They can be just like the more conventional unions you may be used to. You just have to be aware of your differences and learn to adapt to each other. And learning a little Russian will definitely help!