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Making Plans to Meet Ladies in Mariupol?

9. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

This hot Russian bride lives in Mariupol!

The city of Mariupol sits along the Azov Sea, making it an important industrial center and seaport. With hundreds of hot Russian brides residing in this town, gentlemen often find a few they are compatible with and make plans to meet in person.


If you're scheduling a vacation to Mariupol, here are some excellent places to know about.


Where to Stay: Hotel Spartak

One of the most popular lodging locations is Hotel Spartak. It's centrally located and some rooms have picturesque views of the Azov Sea. Plus, guests can lounge inside the hotel pub, restaurant, cafe, billiards room, and casino.


What To Do: Extreme Park

Mariupol is famous for Extreme Park, the first amusement park in Ukraine. While many of the rides are geared toward children, this can be a fun and romantic destination for a date. The ferris wheel, rollercoaster, water slide, and free fall ride attract thrill seekers of all ages.


What To Do: Domino Jazz Cafe

Some visit for lunch when classic films are shown, while others swing through at night to enjoy the jazz band, but everyone is taken back in time with Domino's 1920s atmosphere. This cafe offers plenty of food, drinks, and mafia-themed parties and games.


Where to Eat: Pasta Project

With over 30 different kinds of homemade pastas and toppings, this restaurant offers the best Italian food in the city. Plus, Asian and German dishes are on the menu as well. Each table has a special touch screen with detailed descriptions and photos of each item. Simply press to place your order and your selection is sent straight to the kitchen.


There are more amazing places to discover in Mariupol. Find some ladies who live in this area by logging on to HotRussianBrides.com!