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Mangia! 9 Italian Restaurants in Kyiv

4. February 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

One of the best things about international traveling is trying out new foods. Your favorite Ukrainian bride can suggest eateries serving authentic cuisine or she may treat you to her own recipes.


However, it’s also fun to see how Ukrainians prepare other culture’s dishes. There are dozens of Italian restaurants in the capital city alone that make romantic date spots. Here are some of our favorites.


Al Faro

From the prosciutto that comes straight from Northern Central Italy to the dried olives from Sicily, Al Faro Restaurant serves authentic Italian fare in the heart of Kyiv. Plus, special gourmet dishes are available such Bisteka Fiorentina, a grilled steak made from bulls grown in Tuscany. 



Ciro's Pomodoro

While the Italian chef delivers delizioso dishes, Ciro’s Pomodoro is more famous for its live musical acts and celebrity sightings. The walls are adorned with photos of famous celebs and even some menu items are named after founder Ciro Orsini’s favorites. 



Da Vinci Fish Club

Relax with a limoncello at Da Vinci Fish Club where traditional Italian dishes are enhanced with seafood. Two large aquariums house live lobsters while an original Italian oven bakes up hot, fresh pizzas. The restaurant also offers master classes by its chef Salvatore De Vivo. 



IL Patio

The combination of good service, home-like atmosphere and reasonable prices makes IL Patio such a popular place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chef Andrea Maestrelli has been cooking Italian cuisine for over 25 years with his first lessons coming from his grandmother. 



Mille Miglia Ristorante & Enoteca

Located in the Radisson Blu Hotel, the Mille Miglia Restaurant serves some of the best traditional Italian food in Kyiv, compliments of chef Niccolo Rossi. The décor is inspired by the open-road endurance race of the same name which took place from 1927 to 1957. 



Oliva Restaurant

With four locations in Kyiv, you have no excuse to skip Oliva Restaurant, especially since the prices are as affordable as a neighborhood pizzeria. The pizzas are a popular pick with atypical toppings like lamb meat balls, baked chicken, peaches, veal, tuna, mussels, prawns, and squid. 



Osteria Pantagruel 

Named after the character in Francois Rabelais’ novel Gargantua and Pantagruel (who is always eating, drinking, and having fun), Osteria Pantagruel is widely recognized for its homemade pasta and impressive wine cellar. Try the "Tagliatelle alla Constantino" which is named after head chef Constantino Passalacqua. 



Prego Cafe

Locals and tourists alike love Prego Café for its cozy atmosphere and reasonable prices. Plus, you can watch spaghetti and fettuccine being made right before your eyes with help from the pasta machine. There is also an extensive Japanese menu with sushi, sashimi, and rice bowls. 



Stefano's Fine Food Factory

While the prices are high, fans of Stefano’s Fine Food Factory say the food and ambiance are well worth it. The first floor features wine and meats for sale while you’ll find the dining area complete with oyster and champagne bar on the second floor. In the summer, enjoy your meal in the roof garden eating area or the outside terrace. 



Source, Photos: In Your Pocket