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March 12th and 14th are Russian Name Days!

11. March 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Congratulate Toniorchid on her Russian Name Day!

Three Russian women's names are celebrated in the next few days. Russian Name Days are excellent opportunities to send some special wishes to your favorite ladies, or start up conversations with those you have yet to meet. 


March 12th honors Kira, a name that's over 7,000 years old with origins in Greece, Japan and Egypt. As a variant of Kyra, it means “beam of sunlight”. In Slavonic, it means “strong woman”, and as an uncommon Russian name it means “beloved”. If you're already dating ladies with this name, you may choose to call them by their endearing nicknames, Kirochka and Kiryusha.


Another Russian name celebrated on March 12th is Marina. This is another ancient name and is derived from the Latin word “marinus” which means “marine, related with the sea.” Her affectionate nicknames are Marichka, Maryusha, Marinichka, and Marochka.


March 14th celebrates Russian women named Antonina, the feminine form of the Italian name Antonino, meaning “beyond praise” or “highly praiseworthy”. Ladies with this name often go by Tonya, Nina, or the loving nickname Tonechka.


Do you know any hot Russian brides with these names? Send them a special email, or perhaps a beautiful virtual card! Here are some gorgeous girls who share these monikers that you can meet right now! Just click on their photos to view their profiles!


March 12th - Kira


March 12th - Marina


March 14th - Antonina