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Maria Sharapova: First Russian Woman to Carry Olympic Flag

19. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

The start of the 2012 London Olympics is a little over one month away and one Siberia-born athlete will make Russian history. 


"The Russian Olympic committee chose me to be the flag bearer at this years Olympic opening ceremony. I am so honored, and especially excited as it will be my first Olympics in my career," announced 25-year-old tennis player Maria Sharapova


While she will become the first Russian woman to ever serve as an Olympic flag bearer, Maria has been enjoying plenty of other life achievements lately. She overtook Belarusian beauty Victoria Azarenka to become the new WTA No. 1, and then she won the French Open, becoming only the 10th woman to complete a Career Grand Slam.


"I could have said, 'I don't need this. I have money, I have fame, I have victories, I have Grand Slams.' But when your love for something is bigger than all those things, you continue to keep getting up in the morning when it's freezing outside, when you know that it can be the most difficult day, when nothing is working, when you feel like the belief sometimes isn't there from the outside world, and you seem so small," said Maria. "But you can achieve great things when you don't listen to all those things."


In other Maria Sharapova news, the world's wealthiest female athlete will soon be launching her own line of confectionery treats called Sugarpova. Expected to hit stores just before the U.S. Open, Sugarpova will include gumballs shaped like tennis balls and gummy candies packaged in containers shaped like tennis ball cans.


"It's really fun, I have a huge sweet tooth and I thought why not do something that I'm really passionate about," she said. 

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