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Mark Your Calendar for February Russian Name Days

1. February 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

It's the first of the month which brings along more Russian Name Days to celebrate beautiful women! These days originated as Saints Days or Angel Days and since so many Russian girls are named after saints, they receive congratulations and lots of well wishes on these days.


The month of February is busy for Name Days. Are you chatting with any ladies who share these names? Here are some new ones for you to meet! Showing that you celebrate their culture and traditions is a great way to break the ice!


Inna - February 2nd

Inna is a Russian name meaning "strong water." It was the fourth most popular name given to baby girls born in Moscow in 2007.



Anastasia - February 4th

A popular name used in many cultures, Anastasia is most famous as the youngest daughter of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II. It's the feminine form of Anastasius which means "resurrection."



Ksenia - February 6th

Ksenia is the Russian version of the Polish name Xenia which means "hospitality" in Greek.



Maria - February 8th & 16th

Maria is another popular name shared by several cultures, perhaps because its meaning is "beloved lady."



Anna - February 16th & 23rd

Anna was commonly chosen as the name for Russian royalty. It comes from the Herbrew name Hannah which means "favor" or "grace."



Valentina - February 23rd

From the Roman family name Valentinus, this name means "strong, vigorous, healthy."



Svetlana - February 26th

This very popular Russian womens' name comes from the Slavic word svet meaning "light, world."