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Marrying a Much Younger Russian Bride?

1. December 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides.com Couple, Curtis and Nina!

Many Russian and Ukrainian girls dream about their wedding day well before adulthood. They anxiously await their 18th birthday so they can join HotRussianBrides.com and start searching for their soul mates. Gentlemen who meet these ladies online are pleasantly surprised at how mature, intelligent, and charming they are. They soon start wondering if marriage to a much younger woman is possible, or if it will be problematic.


While many of the multicultural couples that meet on international dating sites do share a significant age difference, there can be challenges that men should be aware of before considering this type of relationship.


Stares and Whispers

If you are already worrying about what people may think or say, you may not have the right mindset to marry a younger Russian bride. The most important consideration should be what you and your partner think and feel about the situation. HotRussianBrides.com works best for adventurous, open-minded men and women who aren’t afraid to try something new and different.


Relating with Relatives 

While you shouldn’t focus on how others interpret your relationship, you should still consider how family members will come into play. When you’re getting serious with a much younger lady, you may be close in age to her parents. Plus, if you have children, your lady may be close in age to them. These interactions can be awkward at first, but they actually become quite normal after time. You may share commonalities with your new in-laws, just like your new bride will share with your children. Most family members just want you to be happy and they’ll celebrate your success in finding your perfect match.


Enjoying Your Differences

Another concern with this scenario is whether you and your lady will have enough in common to keep you connected. This is why getting to know each other well before considering a marriage proposal is so important. While you probably want a partner who enjoys the same types of activities as you, the differences can be enjoyable as well. Learning about another generation really opens up a world of information. Sharing various tastes in music, clothing, books and movies will broaden your relationship and strengthen your bond.


Most age-related differences are no more problematic than those between generations of family or friends. Cultural differences often cause greater challenges than age gaps do. As with any issue in relationships, communication is always the key.


As long as you’re open and honest with your Russian or Ukrainian bride, and you truly love each other, you can overcome any obstacle on your way to wedded bliss. As years go by, your age difference will have less and less of an impact and you’ll forget you were ever fretting it.