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Marrying a Russian Bride Eases Economic Woes

23. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Nothing could be worse during a downturned economy than suffering through it alone. Finding love and happiness with a Russian bride will change your whole outlook on the recession. Here’s 3 reasons why marrying a Russian bride is good for your wealth.


Your Heart Distracts Your Mind

Your brain might be concentrated on your bills, your budget, and your business, but your heart could care less. When you’re happily in love, the only thing that matters is you and your Russian bride. Since she may be used to living a less lavish lifestyle, she won’t be overly concerned about your income. As long as she feels safe and secure, and you share a strong connection, a marriage to a Russian bride could be the ray of sunshine in a gloomy economy.


Your Wedding Could Be Cheaper

Many couples considering marriage have put off their big day, thinking they should wait until the recession ends. This is actually the best time to get married, since many wedding services could be offering specials or discounts. From reception halls to flowers to photographers, rates for these typically pricey services could be less than usual. When the economy does bounce back, many couples who had been holding off will begin booking up so prices will increase. Whether you’d prefer a small or large celebration, you will most likely save money by marrying sooner than later.


Two Incomes Are Better Than One

It would be nice if all you need is love, and your Russian bride may be satisfied with just that, but a healthy income does make for an easier lifestyle. Since many Russian women are educated and have established successful careers on their own, they will be happy to help contribute. The job market is bleak worldwide, but it’s especially bad in Russia and Ukraine, so there may actually be better job opportunities for your Russian bride in your country than in her hometown.


You may be hesitant to invest in the stock market or invest in a new business opportunity, so why not invest in love? Like many investments, there are no guarantees of a high return, but with so many different and beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women on HotRussianBrides, the odds of finding someone who will love you for richer or for poorer are good.