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Masha and The Bear: Learn From a Russian Fairy Tale

12. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

There is a famous Russian Fairy Tale entitled, Masha and the Bear, about a girl named Masha who travels into the forest and ends up lost. She soon finds an Izba, or a Russian wooden house, that has a bear living inside of it. The bear decides to take Masha hostage, and besides serving him, expects her to do all of his cooking and cleaning as well. He informs her that if she tries to get away, he will catch her. Not wanting to be stuck in this helpless predicament, Masha starts planning an escape.

She decides to bake some pies, and tell the bear that she wants to take the pies back to her grandparents. Although the bear refuses to allow Masha to run the errand, he tells her that he will take the pies to her grandparents himself. Masha tells the bear not to eat the pies and makes him aware that she will be watching his every move.

Pretending to only put the pies in the basket, she instructs the bear to go outside to see if it is raining. Once the bear leaves the house, Masha climbs into the basket and places the pies on top of herself. The bear then takes the pies to Masha’s grandparents thinking that he is being watched by Masha the entire time. However, after the bear knocks on the door to give the pies to her grandparents, Masha jumps out of the basket and runs inside!

What does all of this say about Russian Women?

Russian women are not just beautiful on the outside, but they are also intelligent on the inside. They are known for their persistence and they have a sense of dignity that seems to pull them through almost any situation. So, what’s the moral of the story? Don’t ever underestimate your Russian woman. They are intelligent, hard working and proud women, who never ever give up!