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Meet Group 5 of the Hottest Russian Bride of the Summer Contest!

10. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

The Hottest Russian Bride of the Summer Contest continues as we introduce you to the lovely ladies of Group 5. Since 81 women submitted videos to enter the contest, we divided them randomly into 9 groups.


You can vote for your favorite lady in each group. Voting for the first round closes on August 17. The lady with the most votes in each group will advance to the Final Round.


Here are the sizzling summer beauties of Group 5. Click on their photos to view their profiles and CLICK HERE to view their contest videos!



Ludmillka is a 24-year-old Taurus from Odessa, Ukraine who enjoys being active and laughing a lot.



ZhannC936 is a 30-year-old shop assistant from Odessa, Ukraine who's looking for an honest, responsible man with a good sense of humor.



Fellicity is a 26-year-old florist from Orjonikidze, Ukraine. She loves gathering flowers and tending to her garden.



SweetVici is a 21-year-old manager from Zaporozhie, Ukraine. She enjoys going to the movies, the theater, cafes, clubs, and the gym.



SapphirRose is a 20-year-old student from Pantikapey, Ukraine who likes having fun and goofing off.



YoursMystery is a 32-year-old nurse from Kerch, Ukraine. She describes herself as gentle as a flower and as passionate as the wave of the sea!



Haricot is an 18-year-old swim instructor from Nikopol, Ukraine. She likes playing sports, listening to music, drawing, and enjoying nature.



Daria8888 is a 23-year-old manager from Zaporozhie, Ukraine. She enjoys reading, horseback riding, fishing, and taking care of her garden.



NaughtyLips is a 26-year-old massage therapist from Cherkio, Ukraine who's very romantic, passionate, and sensitive.


Remember, the first round of voting ends August 17. CLICK HERE to view all of the contestants' videos!