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Meet Hot Russian Brides Named Marina!

30. July 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Another Russian name day means more Russian ladies to celebrate! These Marinas are as beautiful as the sea of which they are named after…

July 30th is the Russian name day for Marinas. There are several regions which claim to have originated this name. It could have came from the Latin name Marinus or the Czech and Croatian name Marin. The meaning however is the same everywhere, “of the sea”.

Many gentlemen are familiar with Marina Orlova, a hot Russian philologist who became an internet celebrity with her show on YouTube, HotForWords. There was also a famous Soviet poet and writer named Marina Tsvetaeva. A monument to her, as well as the Tsvetaeva house museum, can be visited in the town of Yelabuga, Russia.

Take a look at these gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls below, and click on their photos to see more! Don’t forget to wish them a happy name day!