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Meet Hot Russian Brides’ New Miss Popular!

17. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

After two weeks and thousands of votes, the gentlemen of Hot Russian Brides have selected the new Miss Popular. This lovely lady bested 53 other women in HRB’s Miss Divine pageant, though she certainly faced some tough competition. Congratulations to Ksusha92, the winner of Miss Divine Beauty’s Miss Popular contest!

A resident of Odessa, Ukraine, Ksusha92 is a tutor who speaks English fluently. The 30-year-old beauty loves to help others learn the language and hopes to use her skills in her personal life as well.

“I think that searching online is convenient and a fun way to meet someone,” Ksusha92 said when asked why she decided to search for love abroad. “And I speak English, so why not extend my geographical limits and use the knowledge of the language I have mastered?”

Ksusha92 is confident she’ll find a match online, a man she describes as having “a balanced harmony of intellect, sense of humor, faithfulness, honesty, and courage.” The brunette beauty also dreams of traveling the world and then settling down and starting a family.

“I have always had this crazy dream of having twins,” she said in her extended interview. “Oh, I will be happy with the children God blesses me with someday, whether twins or not!”

Congratulations Ksusha92! Honorable mentions go to Normal_Girl and LadyCharm01 who placed second and third in the Miss Popular competition.

Though the Miss Popular contest has drawn to a close, gentlemen still have the Miss Divine Beauty Show to look forward to. Streaming live from Odessa on Sunday, August 26th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the Miss Divine pageant will feature 54 lovely ladies from across Ukraine. The webcast is free for members of Hot Russian Brides so sign up if you haven’t already.


Here are the final results of the Miss Divine People's Choice, or Miss Popular, competition. Women who are missing from the image below received less than 1% of the votes.