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Meet More Marinas and Margaritas!

29. July 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Another Russian Name Day is upon us, but this time we're celebrating two beautiful names. July 30th calls for congratulations to both Marinas and Margaritas!


While the name Margarita is commonly used in Spanish cultures, it tends to pop up occasionally in countries of the former Soviet Union as well. It’s a variant of the English name Margaret, which means “pearl”.


Marina is a much more common name for Russian women. Some say it originated from the Latin name Marinus, while others believe it's from the Czech and Croatian name Marin. The meaning however is the same everywhere, “of the sea”.


Do know any hot Russian brides who share these names? Remember to congratulate them tomorrow, or send some special wishes early! This is also a great time to meet new ladies. Click on these photos to view their profiles and maybe you'll find your match!