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Meet the Russian Origami Master!

18. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Sergei Tarasov, from the village of Tigritskoye in southern Russia, doesn't just practice origami as a hobby; he's truly a master. He recently revealed his nearly five feet tall replica of Saint Basil's Cathedral which took him a whole year to construct from 60,000 tiny, folded pieces of paper. 


What's even more remarkable is that Sergey never even took a sketch of the historic landmark. It will be on display at the Russian Arts and Crafts Festival in Moscow. 


He also unveiled his origami model of the awe-inspiring Svyato-Spassky Cathedral in the southern Siberian town of Minusinsk. Sergey has always been fascinated by the Japanese art form and has even started teaching it to students at his school in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.


One reason it takes so long to create the masterpieces is because he's such a perfectionist and often takes apart the projects halfway through building them to improve their accuracy and authenticity.


Next Sergey will begin working on replicas of the Kremlin and Red Square. Check out these amazing photos! 


Photos: English Russia