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Meet the Women of the Miss Divine Beauty Show

7. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments


Have you voted for your favorite contestant in the “Miss Divine Beauty Show”? From now until August 17, members of HRB can help decide which of the lovely ladies will win the pageant’s “Miss Popular” title. Members can vote every day, with Premium members getting more votes. Sign up today to make your voice heard!

The Miss Divine Beauty Show streams live from Odessa, Ukraine on Sunday, August 26, 2012. Here are 10 of the 54 women competing in the pageant. Check back tomorrow to meet 10 more of the Miss Divine contestants.

SweetMarrry, 19 y.o. student from Odessa

, 19 y.o. economist from Odessa

AnnaBeaut, 19 y.o. lawyer from Odessa

 Ksusha92, 30 y.o. tutor from Odessa

TanyaStar, 25 y.o. civil engineer from Odessa

Oksaanochka, 28 y.o. content writer from Odessa

YanaLeo, 26 y.o. teacher from Odessa

LoveJuliet, 35 y.o. philologist from Odessa

PolinaDream, 24 y.o. ballet dancer from Odessa

Char_ming, 31 y.o. nail designer from Odessa

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