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Meeting Russian Ladies - How to submit an Intimacy Request

16. December 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

One of the key points in any online relationship is meeting and exchanging contact information. When conversing with Russian ladies on HotRussianBrides.com, many of our members can reach this stage in their relationships very quickly. When our Members are ready to exchange this contact information, we have a simple process for them to go through.


When ready to exchange information with Ukrainian ladies on our site, a member must first ensure that he is Qualified. A Qualified member of our Russian Dating Service is one who has reached 1000 credits* and maintains a paid membership. After reaching this level, a member simply has to log into his Russian dating service account and click the button labeled “IMBRA” at the bottom of the page.


Follow the instructions on the next page, as they will explain what to do to complete the Qualification process.


After this has been completed and you have been approved, all you will need to do is go to the title card of the Russian lady you are interested in – this is easily found by entering her username into the “Find a Member” field on the right hand side of the Member Home page. After getting to the Profile Card, click on the Intimacy Request icon, which looks like the letter “i” on two hearts.



After clicking this button, the system will deduct 100 credits from your account as a processing fee and send the Intimacy Request to the Russian lady you are interested  in. The Intimacy Request button will then turn Gray while the request is being reviewed. If the lady declines the Request, the icon will turn Red and the 100 credits will be refunded to you, if the lady accepts the Intimacy Request, the icon on her Profile card will turn Green.


Once a lady has accepted your Intimacy Request, you will be able to Chat and Email in an environment free of the Filters which we normally have on our Communication systems and if both you and the Russian lady wish to do so, you will be able to exchange contact information.


The Intimacy Request is also a required step in gain the contact information for a lady’s agency. After you submit an Intimacy Request to a lady on our system and she accepts, you will be able to contact our Customer Service department and request her Agency’s Contact information. Russian Dating Agencies are a great resource as they can provide Members with Travel assistance including Interpreters and other amenities.

* Credit requirement was lowered on April 4 to 1,000 credits from 2,500. The number may change in the future.