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Men Can't Win Mail Order Brides in a Radio Contest

9. March 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

One of the most common myths about international dating is that men can literally fly abroad, purchase a woman, and bring her home. One only has to look at the outrage sparked by recent “win a wife” competitions (there’s one in Nova Scotia now) to see that most people believe mail order brides are a real thing. However, that’s just not how international dating works.

Though the “win a wife” contests make it sound as if radio stations are giving away free women, the winners, in fact, receive nothing more than a paid trip to Eastern Europe and a meeting or two with local ladies. The contests don’t guarantee a specific number of dates, much less marriage, not to mention that immigration laws will not allow a man to fly home with a woman he’s “won” in a contest.

Mail order brides, in the traditional sense, no longer exist – at least not for men in Western countries. Though it’s common for international dating sites to refer to female members as “Russian brides,” “Ukrainian brides” and so forth, the women aren’t ready-made wives available for purchase. Men must still charm and court foreign ladies the same way they would any other woman, and no amount of money in the world guarantees a man a bride.

Rock stations are known for being outrageous, therefore it’s not surprising that a few have decided to hold “win a wife” competitions and market them in the most shocking way possible. Their tactics work, obviously, as all three contests have generated international outrage and drawn a lot of traffic to their websites. However, the competitions, as light-hearted as they're intended to be, only serve to perpetuate the myth that foreign women are for sale. Don’t fall for it.